Traits of the Skeptic

This post is Part 4 in a series of posts investigating the traits of people who believe in the paranormal.

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Part 4: Traits of the Skeptic
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Part 4: Traits of the Skeptic

The below figure shows the amount of correlation between someone's personal traits and their paranormal beliefs. Green means the answers are highly correlated such that a person who has the indicated trait is more likely to have the paranormal belief. Red indicates the trait and belief are anti-correlated, i.e., someone who has the trait is less likely to have the belief. The plot is very dense and there is much that can be learned from it. Some of the more interesting findings are annotated 1-9.

Figure: Strength of correlation between a belief in conspiracy theories and a large selection of the SameGrain users' characteristics. Some of the more interested findings are enumerated 1-9.

The traits of skeptics are those that are most strongly anti-correlated with a belief in the paranormal (red in the figure). People are less likely to believe in the paranormal if they are politically liberal or not religious nor spiritual.

Note that people with liberal (pro-choice, pro gun control, voting for Clinton) and non-religious (believe in evolution, never pray) traits are all much less likely to believe in angels. This is common to all liberal/non-religious traits. However, people who are pro-choice or are concerned about the environment are more likely to believe in alternate universes, alien visits, and time travel. Clinton voters are more likely to believe in psychics. (This could be explained by the large support Clinton enjoys from women voters.)  This is in contrast to people who never pray and believe in evolution, who are less likely to believe in anything paranormal. This suggests that just like there are two camps of angel believers (see Part 3), there are also two camps of angel non-believers. One camp doesn't have any paranormal beliefs at all. These people are characterized by being non-religious and having some liberal political beliefs. The other camp, while also not believing in angels, does have some paranormal beliefs.

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