Counting Votes by Counting Tears

Privacy Note:  SameGrain is a privacy-focused social media platform where anonymity is supported and promoted. The data presented in this blog is anonymized, having any attribution to individual users removed.

If you saw the Oscar-nominated movie Room this year, there's a good chance you or someone around you spent the movie wiping away tears. On SameGrain (available on the Apple app store), when asked if they cry during sad movies, nearly 2/3 of users said they do. In the interactive plot below, you can see the percentage of users who said they cry a lot, cry a little, control their emotions, or feel nothing when watching sad movies. 

You can also change the plot to see how users' answers depend on the candidate they support in the US presidential election. As the plots show, how much you cry during movies can be an indicator of how you lean politically. True to the bleeding-heart liberal stereotype, users voting for the Democratic candidates are about 1.3 times more likely to cry (or admit they cry) during a movie than those voting for a Republican candidate. Clinton and Sanders have the highest percentage of criers, at 69% and 68%, respectively. By contrast, 52%, 49%, and 59% of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio voters are criers.